On the 27th of may 2009 Danny and his friend were attacked by a group of thugs in his home town of Irlam in Salford at a bus stop close to his family home.The attack continued all the way back to Danny's doorstep. Danny suffered severe head injuries and went into coma. He died surrounded by family and friends on the the 1st of June 2009.

The doctors asked Danny's family if they had thought about organ donation.It didn't need any thinking about it, everyone who knew Danny knew he would of wanted to help other people.His organs saved the lives of 4 people, a fact that we are all very proud of.

Danny was planning to go backpacking before he died and he was really looking forward to setting off on his adventure. In the intensive care unit we were allowed to take his hand print before we said our final goodbyes. A friend of Danny's (Chris Sweeney) suggested that we take him on that journey although it would be a more symbolic rather than a physical one. He created a facebook group called Barber's Travels and started to take pictures of Danny's handprint on his trips . With the generosity of many people, Danny is now making the trip all over the world. If you would like to read more about Danny and what happened to him then please visit the 'Danny's story' section of the website.